We provide beginners and sport bowlers with quality tenpin bowling equipment – entry level to high performance.  
We stand behind the products and accessories we sell.

Bowling Balls

We stock a full range of bowling balls, including the latest high performance, entry level and beginner balls from:
• Storm
• Brunswick
• Ebonite
• Columbia 300
• Hammer
• Motiv
• DV8
• Global 900
• RotoGrip
• Track
• Radical
• On-The-Ball
We take special orders on all dealer stock and we offer low shipping rates from the US and across Canada.

Bowling Bags

Bags are an important part of bowling efficiently and safely.
Keep your equipment protected and get bowling easily with a bowling bag that is right for you.
Look for 5 year warrantees on most bags in stock:
• Brunswick
• KR Strikeforce
• Motiv
• Hammer
• Ebonite
• Single Ball Totes and Rollers
• Double Ball Rollers
• Triple Ball Totes and Rollers
• Single Packs

Bowling Shoes

Shoes elevate your game from the ground up. We offer solutions for problem approaches, high performance and affordable solutions.
We help you get out of house shoes.
We’re proud to supply shoes from:
• Dexter
• Motiv
• 3G
• Hammer
• KR Strikeforce
• Brunswick

Bowling Accessories

We carry everything you may need to protect from injury, improve your delivery and bowl in comfort:
• Thumb and Finger Tape
• Kinesiology Athletic Tape
• Wrist Trainers and Supports
• Therapeutic Aids
• Grip and Hand Conditioners
• Towels and Sacks
• Shoe Soles, Tools and Sliders
We are proud to provide Turbo Bowling Products:
• SwitchGrip Interchangeable Thumbs
• Quad Finger Inserts
• Urethane Thumb Slugs
• Xcel Thumb Sleeves

Surface Products

Your ball’s surface is the biggest player in the game. Know your surface and learn how surface changes, change your scores. 
Our surface cleaners, compounds and pads will help sharpen, lengthen to clean and maintain with:
• Abralon and CtD Pads
• Surface Cleaners and Polish
• Compounds and Cut Polish
• Ball Refresh Solutions

Visit the Shop

Please stop by the Shop.
We offer free consultation and welcome you to visit for advice on equipment, services and lessons.
We ask you to please book your appointment in advance so we may serve you best.
• Balls and Bags in-stock
• Video Analysis
• Services while you wait