We are Trained and Certified by the Coaching Association of Canada.
We teach the game to new bowlers and develop plans for the true competitor.


  We teach the game and the sport of tenpin bowling. We take a serious yet fun approach to our lesson program.
You will quickly learn to bowl, and learn to bowl well with little as one lesson.
We are working on bringing you group and team lessons soon. 

• 30 Minute Lessons
• 60 Minute Lessons


The difference in Coaching is development. We bowl with a plan.
We are honoured to help you bowl better!
We coach beginners, we coach every age and coach every skill level. We provide video and written plans for your bowling development.
Contact us to learn more about:
• Youth, Adult and Senior Coaching
• Special Olympics Coaching
• Team Lessons Coming
• Release Analysis
• Slow Motion Video
• Proven Drills

What are Your Specs?

Every bowler’s release is different and measurable. Knowing your own specs and numbers opens opportunity to get serious about bowling.
We take a detailed look and provide ways to improve:
• Rev Rate
• Breakpoint
• Ball Track
• Matching Up
• Timing
• Leverage
• Spare Shooting
 We provide you your:
• Positive Access Point
• Rev Rate
• Axis Rotation and Tilt
• Ball Layout
We meet you on lane!

Group Lessons

We’re working to take advantage of your group event or team practice at group rates.
A great way to enhance the experience is to actually learn how to bowl with your party.
Team building means bowling together and practicing together.
• Extend the life of your ball.
• Start the season fresh.
• Oil Removal you can see.
• Included in Restoration

Bowling Development

The heart of the sport is in competition that League and Tournament play provides.

Bowling is also lives in the fun and contagious excitement of every strike!
We deliver the tools and experience to build bowling programs for you. 
• Special User Groups
• Youth Programming
• Promotional Material
• Social Media
• Lessons and Coaching
• League Development

Visit the Shop

Please stop by the Shop.
We offer free consultation and welcome you to visit for advice on equipment, services and lessons.
We ask you to please book your appointment in advance so we may serve you best.
• Balls and Bags in-stock
• Video Analysis
• Services while you wait