We are Certified by the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association.
We provide expert services to keep your equipment and game looking and performing at its best!


Ball Drilling

We offer precision ball drilling and milling to the 64th of an inch.
We’re proud to offer expert services to new and experienced bowlers including:
• Oval Thumbs and Fingers
• Tapered Fits
• Turbo Finger Inserts
• Turbo SwitchGrip
• Turbo XCel Sleeves
• Turbo Thumb Slugs
• Vacu-Grips

Hand Measurment

We know how important your fit is. Bowling with good feel and comfort is the result of proper hand measurement.
Ask us about changes to help your:
• Thumb Feel and Exit
• Dropping the Ball
• Hand Conditions
• Skin Concerns
• Moving to Fingertip
• Bowling Discomfort
• Switching Hands
• Pitch Corrections

Ball Surfacing

We provide exacting surface adjustments to your ball.  We take care of your coverstock with services including:
• Surface Scanning
• 500 to 5500 Grit Finishing
• Polish and Cleaning
• Abralon and CtD Pads
• Logo and Brand Refresh
• Small and Large Repairs
• Ball Restoration
The surface of your ball has the most effect on ball performance. Every ball is shipped with a factory finish, an exacting amount of surface texture for the ball and bowler type.
Your ball should be resurfaced in as few as 18 games and restored every season.


The safest guaranteed method to extract oil and conditioners from the pores in your ball is DETOX.
We operate an ultra-sonic DETOX syytem to remove weeks and years of lane oil, cleaners and dirt.
We guarantee you will notice a difference in your ball reaction after a 30 Minute DETOX.
• Extend the life of your ball.
• Start the season fresh.
• Oil Removal you can see.
• Included in Restoration

Ball Restore

We can bring old balls back to life and restore your favourite equipment.
We offer reliable repairs to help you play the game safer and enjoy trusted equipment longer.
• Complete Ball Restoration
• Logo and Brand Paint
• Small and Large Repair
• Scratch Removal
• Insert Repairs

Ball Plugging

We use a choice selection of plug and resin options for fast adjustments complete plug and play services:


• Colour Matching*
• Fast Set and Overnight Plug
• Small and Large Plugs
• Weight Hole Plugs
• Cut to Perfection
• Includes a FAST Resurface

*Some colours are not able to be matched.

Ball Layout

We offer the latest knowledge in ball measurement and layouts.
We position your grip precisely where we want it and show you options with:
• Dual Angle Layouts
• Storm 2LS Layouts
• Flare Potential
• Pin Placements
• Custom Fitting
Ball layout allows us to tune the ball within the balls cover and core specifications.

Visit the Shop

Please stop by the Shop.
We offer free consultation and welcome you to visit for advice on equipment, services and lessons.
We ask you to please book your appointment in advance so we may serve you best.
• Balls and Bags in-stock
• Video Analysis
• Services while you wait